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NEW Urgent Warning to All Cell Phone Users

By September 21, 2015May 8th, 2021No Comments

Dr. Devra Davis: This article and talk delivered by Dr. Devra Davis reveals some of the most compelling evidence yet in relation to the biological effects on the human body that High Frequency ( HF ) electromagnetic radiation ( EMR ) emitted from mobile phones and other wireless devices can have. Explanations on the flaws in studies that claim that there is no link between electromagnetic radiation and human health are discussed in the video. Dr. Davis has reported that the erratic nature of the signal related to pulsed electromagnetic radiation (cordless phones, mobile phones, wireless internet modems and routers, laptop computers that consistently emit HF radiation as long as Bluetooth and wireless functions are enabled, Wii and X Box consoles with wireless remote controls ) disrupts resonance and interferes with DNA repair. If it does not damage or break DNA it seems it may interfere with DNA repair which in turn has serious health implications.