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Our Story

The lifestyle you lead, the products you consume, the building materials and design of your home and workplace as well as the water you drink, the air you breathe and the food you eat, all have an impact on your health and wellbeing.

As modern society has evolved, we have become exposed to a wider and more complex range of environmental stressors, many of which we are unaware. We continue with the status quo and do the best we can, very often with issues that affect us but that we cannot quite get to the bottom of.

In 2003, the founder of Ecolibria, Raphael Siket came across The Human Genome Project.  The project determined that genetics played a significant role in determining an individual’s susceptibilities, but that environmental factors were triggering adverse health effects. Having lost several close friends and family members to conditions that had no conventional medical explanation, he became fascinated by the possible effect of controllable environmental factors on health and wellbeing.  Raphael then began a course of study in building biology and subsequently went on to found Ecolibria in 2006.

“I am hugely passionate about this field, and it continues to be immensely rewarding to be able to use my knowledge and experience to impact on the quality of people’s lives, by highlighting building environment issues within home and work environments.”

- Raphael Siket -
Building Biologist and Director of Ecolibria

Building Biology considers the impact of the buildings in which you live and work on your health and wellbeing. It considers environmental impacts, and the ultimate goal is to enhance the comfort, wellbeing and health of every person living and working in buildings, while considering the potential impacts on the planet as a whole.

To do this, a building biologist needs to be a detective. Building biologists ask questions about your health history as well as the history of the homes and workplaces that you have been living and working in, gaining an understanding of your exposure history and adverse health effects.

Then the inspections and investigations start so that the science of building biology can assist you, and in some instances your health practitioner to enhance your health and wellbeing.

Over the years, as the need for our services has grown, we have expanded Ecolibria to a team of personally trained, equally passionate, Australian qualified building biologists across Victoria and QLD. Ecolibria also assists overseas clients via online consultations.

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