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The Quiet House – Building Biology House

By March 11, 2022No Comments

This article was written by Mike Bender and was published in the Men’sHealth magazine  and is about Mike himself who experienced many health issues and he talks about his journey to try and discover what the cause of his deterioration in health was due to. For some people it can be a very arduous journey that frequently borders on, or causes marriage breakdowns, depression, hypersensitivities to what seems like almost everything on the planet (often due to mast-cell activation syndrome) and finding no answers through conventional and some alternative health practitioners.

Mike speaks about his experience with Building Biologists and related practitioners like an electrician and Geobiologist. It is a very interesting article as it speaks about a journey that I have personally seen a number of people go through when they choose to investigate the environment in which they live and possible environmental triggers to illness.

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