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About Our Team

As the Director of Ecolibria and a lecturer for 12 years in the Building Biology field, I have identified who I felt were some of the very best and most promising students graduating with the Australian Nationally Accredited Advanced Diploma in Building Biology.

After graduating I have then personally conducted further on site training and assisted our team members in the various states so that they utilise best practise in all the assessments that we conduct.

All reports compiled by the Building Biologists in the various states are then checked and clarified by myself as well as our report editor here in the Head Office in Victoria.

Any areas requiring clarification are personally discussed with the Building Biologist who conducted the assessment and a final report that has been read and discussed by three individuals is then submitted to the client.

This process, to the best of our ability ensures that a thorough report is completed with discussion between Building Biologists taking place (if required) in relation to all aspects of the assessment and test results.

Raphael Siket


Raphael Siket is the founder and director of Ecolibria – a leading building biology service company in Australia. He is a qualified building biologist and has completed the most comprehensive course of study currently offered in this field.

Raphael is a past president of the Australasian Society of Building Biologists. He has an Advanced Diploma in Building Biology from the Australian College of Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Cape Town. In addition, Raphael is a Certified Mould Testing Technician (ACES). He has also completed the first rate (5 Star) energy rating course and has a Certificate IV qualification in Training and Assessment.

Raphael has delivered training in various subjects at the Australian College of Environmental Studies for over 12 years and is one of the pioneers in the field of building biology in Australia.

Since 2006, Raphael has been assessing and conducting air quality testing in residential homes as well as high profile commercial sites including embassies, government offices, large factories and warehouses.

Raphael has specialised in and passionately pursued, the creation of more sustainable and healthier homes by assisting in the specifying of healthier and non-toxic building materials and finishes.

He has personally chosen, trained and mentored the extraordinary team of building biologists that now represent Ecolibria across Victoria, NSW and QLD.

Rachel Davis


Rachel Davis is a qualified building biologist and has worked with Ecolibria since 2016.

Rachel holds the nationally accredited Advanced Diploma of Building Biology from the Australian College of Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health from the University of the Sunshine Coast. In addition, Rachel is a Certified Mould Testing Technician (ACES).

Rachel has experience in assessing residential properties and workplaces for a wide range of indoor environmental hazards including mould and moisture, electromagnetic fields, dust particulates, Crystalline Silica and various volatile organic compounds and gases.