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About Ecolibria

Ecolibria have been operating since 2006, creating green and healthy living and working indoor environments. The philosophy of the company is simple… The services and products we provide enhance the health and wellbeing of everyone in the home or business, whilst ensuring that the planet as a whole benefits at the same time.

We adhere to Building Biology principles that try to ensure the health and wellbeing of the occupants of a building. Exposure standards for air contaminants and electromagnetic fields are often developed through negotiations between industry and governments. They may not always reflect an exposure standard that is purely health based and one that would not only ensure no harm but help to contribute to the health betterment of the people living and working in the building.

At Ecolibria our priority are the people living and working in the indoor environments that we assess and we therefore are precautionary in our approach and adhere to Building Biology principles and standards that are far more stringent than most government enforced minimum exposure standards.

We not only help to assess existing buildings and indoor environments but now help to create new domestic homes that encompass our holistic ethics and values and create a supportive sanctuary in which to live and grow.

Whether you require an indoor air quality assessment in your business, an electromagnetic field assessment in your home or a new home build you can be assured of our professional, supportive and individualistic approach and help.