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Welcome to Ecolibria

At Ecolibria we are dedicated to ensuring that homes and commercial workplaces enhance the health and wellbeing of everyone living or working in them.
We specialise in:
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Mould inspection and mould sampling
  • Electromagnetic field (EMF) testing
  • Electromagnetic radiation / energy (EMR/ EME) testing and solutions
  • Consulting on the transition to and development of non-toxic, green and healthy homes, workplaces, building materials and finishes
"We have been helping to create green and healthy buildings in Australia and overseas since 2006. All our work is based on stringent building biology principles, focusing on helping to restore the equilibrium between our lifestyles, our homes, workplaces and our planet as a whole. We endeavour to accomplish this by providing the simplest and most professional solutions possible. "

- Raphael Siket (Director of Ecolibria) -