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Air Testing and Sampling

We breathe in approximately 8,500 litres of air per day and spend an average of 90% of our time indoors. Respiratory illnesses can be related to toxic indoor air quality environments.  Ensuring good air quality is essential for maintaining an optimum level of health and wellbeing.

Compromised air quality can be the result of many things, including off gassing of toxic chemicals from new or renovated buildings as well as complex mould issues.

At Ecolibria we specialise in indoor air quality monitoring and air quality testing. Air sampling and air monitoring is specific and specialised meters, gauges and other equipment are utilised in accordance with the client’s specific requirements.  We utilise the latest and most advanced metering equipment and air sampling methods available. Equipment is calibrated before use and calibration certificates are available on request. As building design and material experts, we understand how buildings and air conditioning systems work and can therefore provide solutions to any problems discovered during the air quality assessment. Whether you have air quality concerns that require specific chemical sampling (VOC testing) in relation to new builds and renovations or complex mould contamination issues, we can help.

It is important to note that there is NO STANDARD, CATCH-ALL AIR QUALITY TEST.  When air quality is requested, we first need to discuss the client’s concerns to ascertain what to test for. There are many different methods, equipment, laboratories, types of analyses and exposure guidelines that relate to multiple possible air contaminants.

When you go to a health practitioner because you are feeling ill, they would generally ask a lot of questions and then examine you to try and provide a diagnosis. Based on information you provide, the health practitioner would usually then request specific tests to assist with the diagnosis and treatment.

As qualified and experienced building biologists we go through a similar process. We ask questions about the history of health issues that anyone may be experiencing, as well as the history of the property and any specific events that may have affected the property.

We then examine the property thoroughly and conduct some tests to try and diagnose the problem with the building and indoor environment. More specific testing may possibly be required but most often the inspection, questioning and some initial tests conducted, provide enough information.

If laboratory tests and/or analyses are required, then Ecolibria will utilise NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) approved laboratories where applicable. This may be required in the case of:

  • Dust particulate sampling (utilising pre and post weighed filter papers)
  • Crystalline silica testing
  • Specific VOC (volatile organic compound) and formaldehyde testing
  • Mould concentration and genera or species identification

If laboratory analyses are not required, then instantaneous results can be obtained on site. This may be the case in the following circumstances:

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) testing
  • Carbon dioxide (CO²) testing
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Temperature levels
  • Relative humidity levels
  • Testing gas leaks
  • Ultrafine particle testing
  • General VOC (volatile organic compound) testing
  • Dust particulate sampling (utilising meter readings)

What is involved in having air sampling / air testing conducted in my home or business?


  • A qualified building biologist will personally discuss your specific concerns and requirements.
  • A qualified building biologist will visit your site at a time that suits you.
  • Appropriate equipment will be secured and the specific air sampling / testing will be conducted.
  • Samples may need to be sent to a laboratory for analysis.
  • Results will be explained and effective solutions will be provided.
  • If required a formal written report detailing results and professional opinion will be provided.

The cost of services varies according to the size and complexity of the job. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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