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We service residential and commercial properties and ensure a healthy indoor environment by offering services in various fields including:
  • Indoor air quality testing including but not limited to formaldehyde, VOC, mould, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and dust particulates
  • Specialised moisture and mould inspections, testing and advice
  • Electromagnetic Field (EMF) testing in relation to powerlines and substations
  • Electromagnetic Energy (EMR / EME) testing in relation to wireless devices and phone towers
  • Consulting on building or renovating to create non toxic, green and healthy homes and workplaces
  • We offer consultations remotely (where possible) or on site and are happy to work with your builder, architect and / or draftsperson to ensure a healthy and green home and workplace.

Healthy Home and Green Building

Air Testing and Sampling

Mould Inspection and Testing

EMF Testing and Consulting

EMR Testing and Consulting

Pre-lease and Pre-purchase Inspection