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Understanding Electromagnetic Field Exposure Standards and Health Effects

By September 21, 2015May 8th, 2021No Comments

It is important to understand that people react differently to different form of electromagnetic fields and radiation. Governments and the processes involved in implementing so called “safe exposure standards” would like every human being to react to every form of electromagnetic field in the same way and provide exactly the same results every time. However this is almost always never the case and hence the enormous difficulty at setting standards applicable to entire populations of people. Populations of people consist of male and female adults, children of all ages, the sick, the elderly, smokers, non-smokers, the genetically strong and the genetically weak.

How can one set of standards possibly be applicable to everyone and what sort of stance should we adopt to ensure that we are not exposed to potentially harmful radiation levels?

I believe that the answer lies in adopting the precautionary principle. I get to see first hand, every week how people are suffering the effects of everyday radiation exposure from wireless devices of all kinds, as well as other electromagnetic field sources in the home and workplace. When solutions to the exposures are introduced the health effects of the individuals abate. In 100% of the cases exposure levels are a fraction of the so called safe government exposure guidelines or standards applicable to the electromagnetic field measured. Instead of denying that exposure guidelines are unsafe we should be promoting caution and do simple things to reduce exposure to everyday EMF levels in our lives. Ecolibria will continue to educate the public with every electromagnetic field audit conducted residentially and commercially. This will not be done by adopting an alarmist approach but rather with an approach of suggestions to reduce EMF exposure levels in simple ways and assess levels of wellness when the changes are implemented. When simple measures are taken to reduce EMF exposure clients have reported improvements in energy levels, quality of sleep, no more headaches, less anxiety and other general health improvements. Reducing EMF / EMR exposure allows the body’s immune system to strengthen and therefore assist in the natural immune defences.