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Renovation of a volume built home to a Passive House Building Biology Healthy Home

By November 11, 2020August 26th, 2021No Comments

My name is Raphael Siket and I am the Director of Ecolibria. I had a volume builder house constructed in 2005 as I was in the middle of studying and qualifying to be a Building Biologist. As I learnt more about Building Biology and Healthy Homes in my studies the house was completed. I then experienced how a fairly standard brick veneer volume builder house performs and feels over 15 years and I got very motivated to try and fix the building. In 2020 I engaged Passive House builders to strip the house back completely which included removing the roof, ceilings, bathrooms, ducted heating system, all windows and doors, electrical wiring and lighting and plasterboard walls around the internal perimeter of the house. I have filmed (to the best of my ability) the entire process. I have highlighted all of the problems uncovered and how a building of this quality looks and performs after 15 years. I have then filmed how we have gone about fixing all of the problems and incorporating Building Biology and Passive House principles to create an energy efficient healthy home.

Footage will be released during 2021 detailing the various parts of this project from the windows, roof and bathrooms to the electrical wiring, ventilation system, heating system and even couches and range hood. I have done this to try and provide as much information as possible on how we can transform poor quality sick buildings to energy efficient healthy homes. I have detailed as much as possible in relation to every aspect that I can, and I hope that all of the footage will be completed and available in 2021.

The link below will take you to some brief footage compiled by Efficiency Matrix showing what we started with as well as results of an interim blower door test. More footage will follow showing the finished result and significant detail on each aspect of the build.

I hope that you get a lot out of this long but fascinating and educational journey.