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Mobile phone and wireless transmission devices and their potential adverse health effects – Scientific Data Resources

By August 25, 2017May 8th, 2021No Comments

There has been a very large increase in the number of people asking about scientific data and resource papers relating to a type of microwave radiation that falls into the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. Although many may relate the elctromagnetic radiation / electromagnetic energy in this RF spectrum to the use of their mobile phones, there are many other sources of exposure that are not used intermittently, but rather 24 hours a day. Some of the common sources are modems, cordless phones, phone towers, baby monitors, wireless enetrtainment systems like SONOS, Wi-Fi, apple TV and smart meters.

There is now an enormous amount of scientific research and data that indicates that a precuationary approach is required in relation to elctromagnetic radiation (EMR) / electromagnetic energy (EME) RF exposure at levels significantly below the current ICNIRP exposure standards adopted by a number of developed countries including Australia.

Dr. Devra Davis founded the non-profit Environmental Health Trust (EHT) in 2007 to provide research and education on Environmental Health Hazards. The EHT website contains a large amount of scientific research papers on the various adverse health effects related to exposure to wireless and mobile phone radio frequency (RF) – electromagnetic field (EMF).

Please click here to view these scientific research papers :