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By September 21, 2015May 8th, 2021No Comments

When attempting to go green the simplest and most cost effective place to start is with consumables like recycled toilet paper, green cleaning methods and green cleaning products. “As a green company helping others in going green it is always surprising to the individuals and the businesses when shown how cheap and simple it is to make changes that have extraordinary benefits for the environment” Raphael Siket – ecolibria.

Using microfibre cloths to clean surfaces and glass is not only more effective than using synthetic chemical sprays but it is cheaper, easier and does not leave a residue that enables bacteria to adhere too and return a lot quicker.

Changing to laundry powders, stain removers and dishwashing products that are not packed with Phosphates, Zeolites, Chlorine and many other synthetic chemicals means that you are protecting animal and plant life as well as the chemical burden placed on our planet’s earth and oceans. These cleaning products do not have fillers and will be more concentrated and require less to be used in each wash.

Every piece of paper and toilet paper represents part of a tree that has been killed and removed from the natural environment. Recycled toilet paper that is made from 100 % post consumer waste and is sourced in Australia means that no trees are killed and tons of paper is prevented from being dumped into our precious earth. Air bubbles lift ink from the paper and chlorine bleaching is absolutely unneccessary. It is often surprising to learn that most of the recycled toilet paper is either wholly or partly produced from paper shipped in from overseas.

These few changes are small and easy to implement and will have an enormous impact on the planet.

Please browse our green online shop to view the products that can help you become greener in your home or business. It is so much easier than you think.