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News Relating To Aspects of Building Biology

Please find below news and articles relating to aspects of Building Biology including electromagnetic fields (EMF), electromagnetic radiation (EMR), toxic chemicals in everyday products, mould and adverse health effects, indoor air quality concerns and phone towers

Don’t Let Your Home Make You Sick

By Building Biology News

This article was written in September 2011 and discusses what to look out for when purchasing a property. An easy checklist for the new home buyer can include ensuring that there is no mould or moisture issues under or in the house itself. Good ventilation and no visible mobile phone base stations or high voltage power lines are easy things to look out for.

Ensure that you know what the property was previously used for, as you do not want to be situated on an old tip or where industry or a petrol stattion used to be based. Staying a good distance away from busy traffic routes and roads will also help in relation to indoor air quality. This is not all discussed in the article but it is a good article in terms of warning that a house and the environment in which you live and or work every day can and will affect your health and wellbeing.

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Electromagnetic Radiation ( EMR ) And Potential Adverse Health Affects

By Resources

19 October 2007

This very well researched paper takes a look at the public health trends in 2007 and their possible links to EMR exposure. The paper has a strong focus on Australia and is well referenced. The paper makes reference to many studies that have demonstrated strong links between electromagnetic radiation exposure and adverse health effects. Cancer clusters and phone masts are discussed in some detail.

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Pregnant? Reconsider Using Those Cosmetics

By Resources

15 April 2009

This article written by Dan Shapley appeared on The Daily Green website and takes extracts from an article written in the ILondon Independant newspaper. It discusses the concerns about recent findings that certain personal care products are affecting unborn children.

Some advocates and scientists in the U.K. are calling for new Europe-wide labeling systems to warn pregnant women against using certain personal care products, like hairspray and some cosmetics, because of a perceived risk to their unborn children, according to the London Independent.

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