Book an E-consult


We have had a significant demand for phone or online consultations. These can be scheduled for a specific day and time and you only pay for the time of the consultation as there is no call-out or site visit cost.




The sessions give clients the opportunity to consult remotely with our principal building biologist – Raphael Siket.  As the director of Ecolibria, Raphael has over 15 years of on-site experience and over 12 years’ experience lecturing in the field of building biology.

Clients are free to discuss any aspect of building biology.  This may range from needing advice on a renovation or new build, discussing concerns such as minimising electromagnetic fields, building materials and finishes, or concerns around mould and moisture. Another common reason for consults is to discuss laboratory results relating to mould, mycotoxins and volatile organic compounds.

Whilst a phone consult can’t fully substitute for an on-site assessment, there are many occasions where a phone consultation has been able to address a concern or problem or provide clarification or advice in relation to the environment in which the client is living or working. It is important however to bear in mind that there are instances where an on-site inspection and testing may be required in order to fully address the client’s concern.