Air Purifier – E20 Plus – Australian Made


High end air purifiers for the removal of dust particulates, ultrafine particulates, mould spores, microbial volatile organic compounds, Formaldehyde and other VOC indoor air contaminants. Capable of cleaning up to 100m2 and all Australian made. Powder coated metal units (not plastic units) with German motors. Very high quality activated carbon and exceeds standard HEPA filter performance by filtering particles down to 0.003 microns.

3 Year Warranty




Inova Air – E20 Plus Air Purifier

The Inova Air Purifier Range is recommended for the following reasons:

  • 100% Australian made
  • Powder coated metal (not plastic) units
  • German motors
  • Large surface area and high quality carbon for maximum VOC and Formaldehyde removal
  • 5 year warranty
  • HEPA filter capturing particles down to 0.003 microns
  • Capable of purifying areas up to 100m2

There are various models or air purifiers and air filters available from Inova Air but the E20 Plus is recommended by Ecolibria as the best overall model option for Mould and Volatile Organic Compound (including Formaldehyde) issues indoors. Please click on the link below to view more detailed specifications

E20 Plus Air Purifier Product Information PDF

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