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There has been a tendency to lose touch with the land that we inhabit and regard it more as a commodity belonging to us. It should be recognised as being part of a community to which we all belong and should be treated with respect.

To be in touch with the spirit of your siteis to be in touch with a life force,that can only truly be experienced by establishing a connection with the earth.

You may have a room or space in your house that may not feel quite right or a space that feels uncomfortable or cold. Research has shown that Geopathic Stress undermines the immune system over time and increases your susceptibility to disease. Geopathic stress has been closely linked to insomnia, nightmares, depression, nervousness and fatigue. The Geomancer uses dowsing rods to interact with the spirit and energy of your site.

The location and remedying of Geopathic Stress (eg. Geomagnetic Lines and Geological faults) and Place Memory (eg. Negative Psychic Impressions, Mobile Personal Lines and Ley Lines) is the primary focus of this consultation. This brings balance to the site and negates any detrimental effects that these phenomena may have on the occupants.

What is involved in having a Geomancy consultation on my home or business site?

  • A Building Biologist will personally discuss your specific concerns and requirements.
  • A Building Biologist will visit your site at a time that suits you best.
  • Dowsing on site to locate forms of geopathic stress and place memory.
  • Creating and applying remedies.
  • Findings and results will all be explained
  • A formal written report

The cost of services vary according to the size and complexity of the job so please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.