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Now Building Customised Quality Healthy Homes

It has taken a significant period of time but Ecolibria is proud to announce that they are now helping to create and build customised healthy homes.  A home constructed from ethical, healthy and great quality materials and finishes and one that embraces the high and exacting standards of building in accordance with your specific requirements and our Building Biology principles that will help to create a home that supports your health and well being.

We are now able to help build homes to the west of Melbourne from Werribee to the Bellarine Peninsula, along the Great Ocean Road and out to Colac.

We will help support you by working with you and / or your architect / designer to create the best possible outcome in terms of a house that will last a long time and support your health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, many houses are built in such a way that they can in fact contribute to ill health (Sick Building Syndrome) and this is often not realised by the occupants. The causes can vary from moisture and mould issues to electromagnetic field exposure and chemicals (formaldehyde and various volatile organic compounds) off-gassing from building materials and finishes.

Ecolibria help to specify much better and healthier alternatives and cable the home in such a way that both power usage and EMF exposure is minimised.

Our advice is tailored around your budget and your specific needs and requirements as we recognise that every individual has different aspirations, budgets and goals.