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Complete Building Biology Assessment

This consultation includes Geomancy, Electrobiology, Air, Water and Chemical assessments. This is by far the most comprehensive and popular appraisal of your home environment. It is also the most economical option as all three consults are included at the price of two. A consultant would need approximately 4 hours on the initial assessment and dowsing. Please read through the summary below to understand what is involved.Summary:
Initial assessment of your home:

  • Electrobiology ( Electromagnetic Radiation & Fields ) and Air, Water and Chemical assessment. (2 ½ hours)
  • Dowsing the site for: Geopathic Stress and Place Memory.      (1 hour).
  • Creating and applying remedies (1/2 hour).
  • Compiling a comprehensive and personalised report.
  • A follow up consultation to present your report and explain the findings, remedies and solutions (1 hour).