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Business Services - Building Biology Report

This consultation involves a thorough appraisal of everything that may be affecting the quality of the air in your workplace, the presence of Electro-magnetic fields ( EMF ) and basic lighting, noise and other ergonomic issues. Heating and cooling systems, air fresheners, all cleaning products, paint, floor surfaces, vacuum cleaners, plants etc are all taken into consideration. Digital readings of EMF are taken in all areas of the workplace using gauss meters. Digital readings on temperature and relative humidity are recorded.

Building materials are also checked electronically for dampness and the potential for mould growth. Considering that you breathe in approximately 8,500 litres of air a day, it’s crucial that you take the necessary steps to minimise the level of indoor air pollution.This service is crucial in every commercial, retail and industrial workplace, as this is an area where most people spend 40 – 50 hours every week of their lives.This consultation includes:

  • Initial assessment of the workplace
  • Compiling a comprehensive and personalised report
  • A follow up consultation to explain findings and solutions

In business applications we are often approached to either solve a specific problem or undertake a broad analysis and for this reason it is difficult to provide a cost structure without knowing the size and complexity of the task. Please contact us regarding your specific requirements and we will be better equipped to understand what you require and then quote you accordingly.