Video Pack 2 – EMF, Windows, Mould & Moisture


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  1. Electromagnetic Fields and Wireless Transmissions
  2. Windows
  3. Mould and Moisture

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Electromagnetic Fields and Wireless Transmissions
A discussion with interviews, photos and demonstrations on site with an electrician showing how to minimise EMF and RF wireless exposure in your home. In a world where wireless devices proliferate, this video explains how you can safely incorporate internet connectivity and cabling in a healthy building that will provide a safe and electrically quiet home. Shielded cabling, demand switches, where to run cabling, electrical meter boxes, shutting down circuits in bedrooms, wireless devices, shielded ethernet cabling as well as two-way switches and double pole mechanisms are all covered in detail.
(52 minutes)

The often confusing topic of windows, including double glazing, the thickness of glass, the air gaps between the glass, different window frames, the installation of the window and condensation issues are discussed in great detail with photographs, interviews and on-site explanations.
(55 minutes)

Mould and Moisture
Mould and Moisture considerations are discussed to provide you with some things to look out for and what was discovered on site during the retrofit project.
(49 minutes)