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Microfibre Cloths - 3 Pack

This value pack of 3 ultra microfibre cloths enables you to clean your home without the need for chemicals. These cloths are amongst the most technologically advanced microfibre products in the world. The unique fibre weave and density of each of these clothes make it ideally suited to all applications in the home: kitchen, bathroom and glass. The cloths are designed to absorb up to 7 times their weight, thereby enabling you to effectively clean an entire room before you have to rinse them out.

No chemicals are required. This also reduces your exposure to potentially toxic cleaning products.

Unlike most other cloths on the market, fixative chemicals are not used as this prevents exposure to formaldehyde residue (a probable carcinogen). Instead, each cloth is individually washed in a vinegar solution prior to packaging.

Includes: 1 Bathroom Cloth, 1 Kitchen Cloth and 1 Glass / Polishing Cloth.

Directions for use: either spray water onto the surface or use a slightly damp cloth and wipe the surface.

Washing instructions: simply rinse in warm water and allow to dry. We suggest you place your cloth in the washing machine at least twice monthly. Fabric softeners must be avoided as they will damage the fibres. Do not put them in a clothes dryer.