Green Cleaning Products for Commercial Buildings

Many councils and commercial buildings are finally looking at ways in which they clean and the cleaning products they use. Ecolibria are now helping to replace the chemical laden coloured liquid soap commonly found in the bathrooms of commercial buildings. Toilet and floor cleaners are being replaced with locally made cleaning products that contain ethically sourced and extracted ingredients.

For the first time in Australia cleaning products for which every ingredient's extraction and processing method has been scrutinised, is available for commercial buildings and will soon be available domestically too.

100% recycled toilet paper made from 100% locally sourced post consumer office waste paper is also being introduced.   


The toilet paper has 400 sheets per roll as opposed to the regular 180 - 260 sheets per roll. This has the advantage of fewer  centre inserts having to be produced (which are now also made from 100% recycled paper) and less roll changes required. The rolls still fit into the standard containers as the centre inserts are simply made much smaller. Only paper that has 60% or less ink printed on a page is selected from the office paper waste and the ink is then removed through oxygentaion (air bubbles lifting the ink off the page). No chlrine or bleaches are used in any form. Special embossing techninquies are used to make the paper soft and comfortable. It is not common knowledge but most of the recycled toilet paper currently available is only partly sourced from local sources. Recycled paper is either imported from other countries or offcuts from virgin timber paper sources are labelled as recycled. 

Due to the Reach program ( New Eurpoean Community Regulation on Chemicals ) many of the "standard" nasty chemicals are now finally being banned. This is in fact a revolution in the cleaning and personal care products industry as thousands of chamicals which have always been regarded as okay by the industry are slowly being replaced. This will take quite some time to filter through to the Australian market but ecolibria is working closely with a local manufacturer to ensure that these cleaning products are in fact available right now.

The extraction process required for every ingredient in a product has been scrutinised. This is critical as a single ingredient (e.g. grapfruit seed extract) often goes through an intensive multi-chemical process to extract the one part of the plant that is required. When examining grapefruit seed extract for example it would be incredibly difficult to trace this ingredient back to its grapefruit origins, as so many synthetic chemicals have been added to obtain the final fairly ordinary preservative.

Ecolibria have now been able to work with a manufacturer to ensure that the extraction and processing of ingredients only involves one or two stages and does not invlove the introduction of toxic synthetic chemicals in a multi-stage process.

This product line is a first in Australia and at the moment is only available commercially but will soon be available for the domestic market too.  More councils, green buildings and other commercial buildings are switching to this green cleaning product line. Whatever products are currently used in the building ecolibria can now help with a tailored greener option as well as an education program for the contracted cleaners.