Soma Health Full Building Biology Consultation

soma.jpgecolibria was enlisted to carry out a full Building Biology consultation at Soma health and wellness clinic. Geomancy, electromagnetic fields, green cleaning, green products, colours, air quality and plants were all considered. It is a site at which people come to relax and heal and this was carefully considered when Building Biology principles were applied.

An environmental certificate was issued to acknowledge all of the green and healthy initiatives implemented by Soma health and wellness.

Following Raphael’s work within SOMA, clients have consistentlycommented on the nurturing and calming feel of the practice and ourstaff has become increasingly aware of having maintained a positive,energetic attitude.

Raphael of ecolibria broadened our awareness to the importance of taking a holistic approach in establishing and maintaining an environmentally friendly premise for our staff and clients alike. He worked closely with our management team in addressing such areas as lighting, plants, colors, suggesting natural products to use with cleaning and how to minimize electromagnetic radiation fields.

SOMA Health and Wellness have taken great pride in endorsing the work undertaken by the team at ecolibria and have enjoyed discussing with their clients the remarkable difference they have experienced associated with implementing Building Biology principles.

Anna Yerondais
Soma Health and Wellness

Please read the environmental certificate awarded to Soma Health and Wellness below. 



SOMA health + wellness


Floorboards are used throughout the clinic besides the massage rooms. The massage rooms require carpet so that noise pollution levels are kept to a minimum and a feeling of warmth and comfort is enhanced. This minimises the dust particles that become air-born.


All vacuuming is done using a ducted vacuum system. This ensures that minimal amounts of dust particles become air-born. All dirt particles are directed to a unit on the outside of the building.


Micro-fibre cloths, vinegar, Bi-carb of soda, 100% pure essential oils and water are used to clean the clinic. The hand soaps in the bathrooms are certified organic and chemical free.


Air fresheners are all made up by the clinic and are a mixture of water and 100% pure essential oils. No commercial synthetic chemicals are used. Natural ventilation, in the form of open windows, is utilised whenever practicable.


The water in the reception area is filtered.


Skylights have been utilized in a few areas of the clinic to make as much use of the natural light as possible. This helps to enhance the natural energy brought into the clinic and cuts down on the use of power.


The cream and caramel colours are used to create feelings of comfort and warmth so that relaxation is enhanced. Green is introduced in the way of feature walls, plants and paintings and is one of the most healing colours in the spectrum.


The indoor plants have all been chosen for their air-filtering and humidity stabilizing capabilities. These include the bamboo palm and the Dendrobium or Moth orchid.


Readings have been taken throughout the clinic and measures have been taken to ensure that the electromagnetic field reading is below 4mG in all parts of the clinic. This adheres to the most stringent minimum standard worldwide.


A geomancer has dowsed for all negative forms of geopathic stress and place memory. Remedies have been applied and the site has been harmonised and balanced.

10 May 2006
Ecolibria consultant
Raphael Siket